Human Ecosystems Relazioni

cities, territories and relational ecosytems

Data, Cities, Territories and Relational Ecosystems

HER – Human Ecosystems Relazioni – is a research center which transforms territories, cities, buildings and communities into Big Data generators, makes this data available in the public space and sphere, activating inclusive, engaging actions and practices, stimulating relations, diffused economies and cultural acceleration processes.

Nuovo Abitare at Baite Filosofiche

Nuovo Abitare will be at Baite Filosofiche in Lecco, from July 29th to August 1st. You can learn more here: You can learn more about Nuovo Abitare here:...

Obiettivo wins the Design Excellence Award by ADI Lazio

Obiettivo, the first datapoietic work of art, receives the prestigious Design Excellence Award by ADI Lazio

ADI Index 2020: “Obiettivo” in the Compasso D’Oro shortlist

The first datapoietic artwork compets for Compasso d’Oro Award: the oldest and most influential design award in the world

Antitesi: Wisteria Furibonda and Nuovo Abitare

Cyborg love between plant and AI, to fight climate changeon 15/06/2021, at 17:30  @Polo del ‘900 (Torino), at the Flower Power event REGISTER HERE TO ATTEND IN PERSON or COME TO THE EVENT ONLINEHow can we deal with a complex and urgent phenomenon such as climate...

The Principles of Nuovo Abitare

We have just published the "Principles of Nuovo Abitare". Take a look and let us know your thoughts. I Principi del Nuovo Abitare [italian] The Principles of Nuovo Abitare [english]


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These are the partners we work with and some of the clients for which we have offered our services

Art is Open Source
ArtScience Bologna 2017
Politecnico e Università di Torino - DIST
BASE Milano
Comune di Bologna
Universidade Metodista de Sao Paulo
Istituto Nazionale di Sociologia Rurale - INSOR
YALE University
New Haven City
King's College London
Somerset House