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Human Ecosystems Relazioni

HER, Human Ecosystems Relazioni, is a research and service center that deals in transforming buildings, cities, territories, organizations and communities into big data generators, using social networks, sensors, blockchains, ubiquitous interactive systems. HER studies relational ecosystems, flows of knowledge, information, communication and interaction, to enable citizens, professionals, companies, organizations and institutions to build strategies, actions and participatory initiatives.

HER uses cutting edge technologies, arts and design to create cultural acceleration, uniting innovation to social and cultural impact.


Human Ecosystems Relazioni s.r.l.

via di Porta Labicana 17, 00185 Roma, he-r@pec.it
C.F. e P.IVA 14108891004, REA CCIA – sezione speciale “startup innovative”: RM – 1497519 – PIC Code: 915708034 – Codice Destinatario: 5RUO82D

HER, Human Ecosystems Relazioni