After Trieste, Data Meditations will be featured in the exhibit PROVE di R(I)ESISTENZA

30.09 – 19.12.2020

  • WHO: Fondazione Baruchello
  • WHAT: collective exhibition PROVE DI R(I)ESISTENZA
  • WHEN: 30.09 – 19.12.2020 || Opening: wednesday septenber 30/09/2020 16.00 – 21.00
  • ARTISTs ON SHOW : Laura Cionci, Danilo Correale, Salvatore Iaconesi e Oriana Persico, takecare
  • CURATED BY: Ilaria Conti

The pandemic disruptions of 2020 have made tangible the need to take care of the vital network of relationships that connects individuals, society, and ecology. Prove di R(i)esistenza presents artistic practices that, through a methodology rooted in research, processuality, participation, and collaboration, cultivate new forms of individual and shared ethical awarenes

Ilaria Conti, from the press release

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Data Meditations will be featured in the exhibit through the documentation of the participatory performance held at Hackers and Designer’s Summer Academy 2020, and through a live meeting.

The exhibit includs a documentation of the woorkshop held at Hackers and Designer’s Summer Academy 2020 and a live meeting on october 30th (follow our social for updates!).


DATA METITATIONS: new rituals for new possible world is a:

  • Concept by HER: she Loves Data
  • Coordinated by Salvatore Iaconesi, Oriana Persico, Daniele Bucci
  • With the support of: Leonardo Gerritse