Human Ecosystems Relazioni

cities, territories and relational ecosytems

Data, Cities, Territories and Relational Ecosystems

HER – Human Ecosystems Relazioni – is a research center which transforms territories, cities, buildings and communities into Big Data generators, makes this data available in the public space and sphere, activating inclusive, engaging actions and practices, stimulating relations, diffused economies and cultural acceleration processes.

Milano HeartBit: using Big Data to understand Music in Cities

Milano and Big Data. HER has been collaborating with BASE Milano during the past year on a system which is able to gather Big Data from social networks about live music in the city of Milan. This is a thing which is potentially really important...

Vision and Trends of Social Innovation for Europe

Human Ecosystems Bologna listed among the best practices of the study commissioned by the European Commission

Sul Caldo e sul Freddo. Castello del Valentino becomes an artist

Interactive installation, Opening 3rd Nov, 2017, Castello del Valentino (TO) Installation'Opening to the public - 10.00 am Round table - 10.45 am  Over the years, hundreds of artists premiered at the contemporary art week of Turin. This 2017 edition offers something...

BodyQuake at T*Danse Festival in Aosta

BodyQuake, the research project born in collaboration with Fondazione Neuromed, Live Performers Meeting, Art is Open Source, and AVNode, will be featured in Aosta during the T*Danse Festival from 11th to 15th october 2017.

Constrained Cities: Filter Bubbles in the Physical Space of the City

What happens when Filter Bubbles start producing effects in the physical space of the city


These are local and international initiatives to which we participate


Partners & Clients

These are the partners we work with and some of the clients for which we have offered our services

Art is Open Source
ArtScience Bologna 2017
Politecnico e Università di Torino - DIST
BASE Milano
Comune di Bologna
Universidade Metodista de Sao Paulo
Istituto Nazionale di Sociologia Rurale - INSOR
YALE University
New Haven City
King's College London
Somerset House