HER, Human Ecosystems Relazioni

Human Ecosystems Relazioni

città, territori ed ecosistemi relazionali ProgettiTecnologie

i Dati, le Città, i Territori e gli Ecosistemi Relazionali

Human Ecosystems Relazioni trasforma territori, città, edifici e comunità in generatori di BigData, li rende disponibili e accessibili nello spazio pubblico e attiva pratiche inclusive e coinvolgenti per stimolare relazioni ed economie diffuse agendo da catalizzatore e accelleratore culturale.

BodyQuake at T*Danse Festival in Aosta

BodyQuake, the research project born in collaboration with Fondazione Neuromed, Live Performers Meeting, Art is Open Source, and AVNode, will be featured in Aosta during the T*Danse Festival from 11th to 15th october 2017.


Constrained Cities: Filter Bubbles in the Physical Space of the City

What happens when Filter Bubbles start producing effects in the physical space of the city


GarBAOTAZ: Shape the interconnection!

From 30th October to 5th November, FabLab Roma Makers in Garbatella will be the place where the participants and tutors will take part in a workshop, which will focus on interconnecting through a multidisciplinary process. This process dealt with several topics, as an...

HER and the Italian Task Force on AI

President Salvatore Iaconesi was nominated among the thirty experts on the new task force, promoted by the Italian Government and AgiD - Digital Agenda. The task force will work for three full months with the objective to study how the evolution of Artificial...

Art, Science & Technology collaborations in Europe: Estonian Presidency stars event

Promoted by STARTS - Program, Innovation at the nexus of Science Technology and the Arts, and the Estonian Presidency, on September in Bruxelles BOZAR wull guest the international symposium "Art, Science & Technology collaborations in Europe" Salvatore Iaconesi –...

I Territori

Esplora i territori, le città e le comunità con cui stiamo lavorando.

New Haven

Human Ecosystems a New Haven.


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One Million Dreams


Festival Dell’Innovazione


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