HER She Loves Data

HER She Loves Data is a next generation Cultural Research Center using Data and Computation (Complex Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Networks, Ecosystems) to create Cultural Acceleration processes through Arts and Design, and the results of Scientific Research and Technological Innovation.

HER is Changing!

Our little reseach center is chamging!

We are setting up new headquarters, structuring our activities differently and updating our philosopy and model.

We are keeping a series of articles as the “Open Notes” about this transformation.

They are in Italian: you’re welcome to reading them and letting us know your throughts.

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U-DATInos. United by data on the Oreto river

First data gathering of the U-Datinos project on the Oreto river in Palermo

A datapoetic afternoon in Bologna

The itinerant tour of the project Datapoiesis is in process and, this time, runs into Bologna, for “OBIETTIVO Bologna. Datapoiesis in the city” that took place from the 24 to 26 of January 2020,

Youth in the City Prato

48 high school students, 7 researchers and a week to re-map the city of Prato from the youth perspective