Human Ecosystems Relazioni

città, territori ed ecosistemi relazionali

i Dati, le Città, i Territori e gli Ecosistemi Relazionali

Human Ecosystems Relazioni trasforma territori, città, edifici e comunità in generatori di BigData, li rende disponibili e accessibili nello spazio pubblico e attiva pratiche inclusive e coinvolgenti per stimolare relazioni ed economie diffuse agendo da catalizzatore e accelleratore culturale.

Vision and Trends of Social Innovation for Europe

Human Ecosystems Bologna listed among the best practices of the study commissioned by the European Commission

Sul Caldo e sul Freddo. Castello del Valentino becomes an artist

Interactive installation, Opening 3rd Nov, 2017, Castello del Valentino (TO) Installation'Opening to the public - 10.00 am Round table - 10.45 am  Over the years, hundreds of artists premiered at the contemporary art week of Turin. This 2017 edition offers something...

BodyQuake at T*Danse Festival in Aosta

BodyQuake, the research project born in collaboration with Fondazione Neuromed, Live Performers Meeting, Art is Open Source, and AVNode, will be featured in Aosta during the T*Danse Festival from 11th to 15th october 2017.

Constrained Cities: Filter Bubbles in the Physical Space of the City

What happens when Filter Bubbles start producing effects in the physical space of the city

GarBAOTAZ: Shape the interconnection!

From 30th October to 5th November, FabLab Roma Makers in Garbatella will be the place where the participants and tutors will take part in a workshop, which will focus on interconnecting through a multidisciplinary process. This process dealt with several topics, as an...


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