Salvatore Iaconesi, our founder, says goodbye. 

It is announced in this message by Oriana Persico, his partner and symbiont with which he founded the research center in 2013:

An artist – hacker, philosopher of science and technology, engineer, designer, teacher and brilliant speaker – Salvatore embodies the emergence of a new human kind, capable of crossing and connecting these disciplines, transforming data and computing into spaces for expression.

His revolution is and was about bringing new forms of imagination, to extend the degrees of freedom of our systems and ecosystems – through the computational dimensions and languages.

His poetics, his scientific rigor, and artistic sensibility shaped the style, philosophy and production of our research center.

A heritage that HER, through the national and international network of people and institutions with which we have collaborated along the years, is committed to carrying on and passing on, in the spirit of the open source code that Salvatore assumed as a his existential posture in his practices and expression: professional, artistic, human.

The first commitment is to continue the AOS Archive: a corpus of over 100 works created since 2004, forming  the nucleus of Nuovo Abitare’s sensitivity. Two archive processes have been started, following the concept and methodology designed by Salvatore himself and Oriana, with the IIC Madrid and the Castelnuovo Fotografia Festival in 2021.

In the spirit of our founder, memory is not only about celebration but about being able to transform this heritage into new life.

Salvatore Iaconesi is alive in the rhizomatic body of cultures.

Img: courtesy of Oriana Persico