A Song for Corona

A data-driven generative music from the Corona Virus

The project

A Song For Corona is a data-driven melody that follows in real time the evolution of the covid-19 contagious, from the first days of the infection. It is coinceived to gather around the emergency of the Corona Virus, to create awareness and to reflect on the role of data in our societies.

It is the second artwork, created after OBIETTIVO, that pursues the DATAPOIESIS poetic, reflecting on the capability of data and artificial intelligence to bring something new into existence, as an augmented sensitivity to the phenomena of our globalized world.

The pandemic data generates sounds and becomes perceptible and accessible in unpredictable ways: the starting point for giving life to new rituals and new ways of approaching data collectively

Data source

A song for Corona uses the open data provided by John Hopkins University CSSE as the data source.

The entire “Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Cases” repository is accessible at this link: https://github.com/CSSEGISandData/COVID-19

Datapoiesis Corona Edition, Rome (Torpignattara 26 Feb. 2020)
Datapoiesis Corona Edition, Rome (Torpignattara 26 Feb. 2020)


While you acces the link and press the bottom “start”, on the screen the data flow of Covid-19 begins:

  • In the fuchsia box in the center of the screen, the date is visible at the top (dd / mm / yy);
  • in the center the states cycle;
  • at the bottom of the screen the number of people infected.

The same data are sounded, allowing you to immerse and follow the spreading of contagion in the world through time and space, with two senses: sight and hearing.

The artwork will remain on until the return of the planetary emergency:

>>  https://he-r.it/Corona  <<

A Song for Corona was presented in occasion of  DATAPOIESIS Corona Edition event on February 2020.
Here the FB video streaming