Datapoiesis and Obiettivo will be in Berlin for State Studio‘s HYPERTOPIA exhbit, Opening on 23 October, and with the Exhibition & Program running from 23 October – 6 December.

“Now that we’re here, where are we? Still on the same planet, for sure. But forces are shifting. How did we get here? What stance should we take? What actions? And where are we heading?”


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From the website:

“Hypertopia bridges between today and tomorrow. Powered by the vision of a collective change in consciousness, the interdisciplinary program and exhibition anticipates a post-crisis future to explore approaches for a meaningful present. With a selection of artistic positions, propositions and exploratory projects that incorporate scientific methods as well as speculative modes of thought, Hypertopia challenges hierarchies, probes ideas, and imagines scenarios for a new planetary optimism.

The exhibition presents works by Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg (UK), Ani Liu (USA), Dominique Koch (CH), Salvatore Iaconesi and Oriana Persico (IT), Himali Singh Soin (UK/IND) and Jana Maria Dohmann (D) and a project by STATE’s Curious Minds Community; contributors to the discursive program – a series of field trips that take the show’s artistic positions and core ideas to relevant places in the city – will be announced shortly.”

State Studio’s Hypertopia