HER: She Loves Data will partnering and present at EduIA at the Department of Education Sciences, Unversità degli Studi Roma 3 in Rome, on November 5 and 6, 2020.

At EduIA, Artificial Intelligence is studied through a transdisciplinary approach, using the critical reflections of pedagogists, technologists, computer scientists, philosophers, sociologists, psychologists and more, with the main objective of undertandings of AI’s implication for education and knowledge oriented processes.

Due to COVID restrictions, the conference will be held online.

You can find the full program HERE, including the links to the streaming live sessions.

We at HER: She Loves Data will present our paper titled “Creating a research center in contemporary society: Data, AI, territories, communities, knowledge and rituals for a new living.”

The paper is in italian, and here’s the english abstract:

“What is a research center? How does its role change in the age of data and computation? The article describes the theoretical and conceptual foundations that in 2020 led to the redesign of the research center HER – Human Ecosystems Relations, founded in 2013 by the artist duo Salvatore Iaconesi and Oriana Persico, to create a new type of organization capable of positioning research at the center of society, using art as a strategy and data to create sensitivities toward the complex phenomena of our globalized and hyper-connected world – from climate change, to migration to poverty. HER: she Loves Data, the new organization whose model is described, assumes as its main mission the creation of the Archive of Rituals of the New Living, embracing data and computation as existential and cultural boundaries of contemporary human beings and societies.”