Milano HeartBit: using Big Data to understand Music in Cities

Milano and Big Data. HER has been collaborating with BASE Milano during the past year on a system which is able to gather Big Data from social networks about live music in the city of Milan.

This is a thing which is potentially really important to do, as it is a live, growing Open Data Commons which can be used by multiple types of subjects (policy makers, researchers, designers, students, artists, music business operators and more) to create anything from services, to researches, to new policies and strategies, enabling people to collaborate and work together.

It is an enabling factor which could contribute in bringing a city as Milan to higher positions in global Smart City rankings, bringing benefits which would be economic, social and political.

What tools could I use to design some strategies according to which I can actually collaborate with other venues to organize and to act, instead of competing? Can we design joint initiatives? Combine audiences? Share costs?
In the Milano HeartBit project we are doing exactly this.

Here below an example installation which we did at BASE Milano in occasion of the Linecheck festival, in November 2017.