[WHERE] Rufa Space – Rome (San Lorenzo)
[WHEN] 2-6th of September 2019
[WHAT] A workshop, an exhibition, an in international conference
[WHO] 40 participants, 6 tutors, 3 coordinators, the wonderful international consortium Speculative Edu


After 5 intense days of workshop, NeoRural Futures, the Speculative Edu summer school, shows its results.

40 participants, from different countries and backgrounds, have worked on 5 locations (Caselle in Pittari, Lushoto, Arjeplog, Chernobyl, the Moon) to imagine and design possible and preferable future scenarios for rurality.

The outputs of the workshop have been collected in an open exhibition, in the Rufa Space (Rome – San Lorenzo). 5 scenarios represent the future of the 5 locations. All the groups have produced, for each location, an interactive digital map, an immersive diary, written by a character who gives a subjective perspective of the future scenario, and an object (or its manifestation).


Below a series of photo galleries and two video to touch and feel what happened during this extraordinary summer school.

Welcome & gift bags

Oregano, rosemary, dry chilly, sage and 40 goblets of tempered glass for a radically plastic-free event.

Workshop & Cultural Program

Working together in the creative space of the classrooms and connecting with the city through the cultural program of the summer school: a series of three conversation about the future with our local partner Mercato Centrale Roma, NONE Collective and Ultravioletto studios, Fondazione Romaeuropa Festival

5 locations for 5 groups

The teams and their tutors: group photos!

The exhibit and the Speculative Edu Conference

An open exhibition concluded the summer school allowing public to immerse in the near future scenarios, touching and feeling the effects of the transformation. The Speculative Edu conference at 6pm was the opportunity to discuss with researchers, artists, designers from all over Europe, and to meet the group.

>> Enjoy the full photo reportage realized by RUFA about the Neorural Futures exhibit and the Speculative Edu Conference.

Epic conclusion: Cucina Titanica Partecipativa

The roof at RUFA Space become the theater of a performative cooking session, involving designer, professors, students, participants and the Speculative Edu consortium. By Rural Hack and Nino Galdieri.

Photo credits: Leonardo Gerritse, Giovanna Scozzese, Dana Cappiello, Francesca Prisco


We thanks our wonderful partners at RUFA for this two videos that summarize the experience through the voices of Speculative Edu, the team of NeoRural Futures and the participants

And here you can enjoy the presentation and review process of the five projects through the voices of participants, as well as the dense comments and feedbacks by the Speculative Edu Consortium and the invited curators, artist and teachers from Rome:

Press Release