It is now official.

Obiettivo, the first datapoietic artwork that makes us sensitive to extreme poverty in the world, won the Design Exellence Award appointed by ADI Lazio.

The Artwork will be on show at the Acquario Romano until July 2nd and after that will fly to Turin to be exhibited at the Fondazione Opera Barolo.

Press Release

Read the full press release to know more about:

  • ADI Index, Compasso d’Oro and the Design Excellence Award in Lazio;
  • The artwork and interactive publication that tells the story of the project;
  • The new exhibitions between Rome and Turin;
  • What people, instituzions and the artists say about all of it


Interactive Publication

Read the full interactive publication about Datapoiesis and Obiettivo:

  • The book is an interactive experience dedicated to Datapoiesis in publishing;
  • Click the “D” button on each seaction, and the text will turn into a word network through natural language analisys features


ADI Index, Obiettivo, Premio Ecccellenza Design nel Lazio, Datapoiesis