Stakhanov and a panel on AI at Art + b = love? in Ancona

Artificial Intelligence has always been a focal point of our research here at HER. Ever since our little AI kid, Angel_F, or through the Talker Performance, or with GhostWriter, or with Stakhanov, Artificial Intelligence has represented an important, extreme possibility in our world to understand how digital systems are transforming our lives and our possibilities to understanding, knowing and interacting with the world.

Recently, Salvatore has participated to the Task Force on AI of AgID (Agenzia per l’Italia Digitale, the agency for the digital agenda of the Italian Government), to bring art and design in the discussion about how AI can be used in public services.

Starting on April 4th in Ancona, at the beautiful Mole Vanvitelliana, we will join the Art + b = love? festival  organized by Sineglossa Creative Ground to conduct some of these reflections.

First, at the festival’s opening, we will lead the panel on “AI: the role of art in the public dimension” where we will join Peter Friess of the EU Commission, the publisher Luca Sossella, Luca Ruggeri from AgID and with a video testimony of philosopher Aldo Masullo.

And then with Stakhanov, our Big Data divinity, making predictions using AI and investigating about the implications of predictive analytics, big data usage, surveillance and control.