Palermo (Italy), Oreto river

The group of 16 << Water Keepers >>, composed by citizens, students, activists and researchers, after the workshop collectively organize the first data gathering of the U-Datinos project


We are closely following at HER the progress of the U-DATInos project, which is now entering in its second phase. Participants received their sensors and after the workshop the group started to use and calibrate the, tlo gater data on the Oreto river in Palermo.

The group is collaborative and animated by a true spirit of activations: 16 passionate Water Custodians have now the tools and knwledge to connect with the complex environment of the river, and start new forms social immagination where data unite people – also during pandemic times.

Video by Salvatore Bucchieri, Water’s Custodian and activist for “Salviamo l’Oreto” and for the “Comitato per il Contratto di Fiume e di Costa Oreto”

“We are thrilled. Working from different cities (Rome, Turing, Palermo…), we are all joining forces and competences in a spontaneous and collaborative manner. Living all this ferment remotely creates a particular connection with the project. U-DATInos is a living example that pandemic can be elaborated and become a positive existential boundarypart of our current context: something to live in and co-exist with, discovering new possibilities for life and expression. As artists and research center, we are glade to be part of this experience”

Salvatore iaconesi + Oriana persico, artist and founder of HER: She loves data

U-DATInos Water Keeper with brandnew sensors