HER: She Loves Data is a center for Arts and Data.

Data is a cultural artefact: in our contemporary culture, data is connected to the things people do, to their imagination, desires and aspirations. For this, it is not a technical or technological concept anymore, but a cultural, psychological one. At HER we use data to create cultural acceleration processes. 


HER: She Loves Data is a cultural initiative, starting from the city of Rome and with an international reach, to promote Art & Data projects.

HER: She Loves Data is a network of individuals, organizations, institutions and enterprises. It operates with the logic of the event: exhibits, festivals, meetings, lectures, visits, editorial initiatives, communication actions and cultural imagination processes in which we will connect Arts & Data to promote new visions and opportunities, for a renewed sense of humanity.

Obiettivo at ADI Index Compasso d'Oro

ADI Index 2020: “Obiettivo” in the Compasso D’Oro shortlist

The first datapoietic artwork compets for Compasso d’Oro Award: the oldest and most influential design award in the world

Antitesi Wisteria Furibonda

Antitesi: Wisteria Furibonda and Nuovo Abitare

Cyborg love between plant and AI, to fight climate changeon 15/06/2021, at 17:30  @Polo del ‘900 (Torino), at the Flower Power event REGISTER HERE TO ATTEND IN PERSON or COME TO THE EVENT ONLINEHow can we deal with a complex and urgent phenomenon such as climate...
BodyQuake, a still image from the performance

AOS Art is Open Source in Madrid at MMMAD with Istituto Italiano di Cultura Madrid

AOS will be premiering a new format on May 25th, from 19:00 to 20:00 in Madrid at MMMAD, Madrid’s Digital Arts Festival, with the fundamental support of Istituto Italiano di Cultura in Madrid, who made it possible. See the news on AOS...
Di Protoni e Dati, the video

Di Protoni e Dati: First Screening

Our project Di Protoni e Dati will first be shown during an online event created by the partners on March 27, 2021. Program Facilitation:Barbara CarfagnaPresentations:Alberto Abruzzese, MediologistAlessandro Dalla Torre, Fondazione Bruno KesslerNadio Delai,...