New Haven

Relational system of the City

In New Haven (USA), Human Ecosystems Relazioni has collaborated with the Yale University and with the City Administration to design a system aimed to detect the emotional states of citizenship regarding the fundamental themes for the city, to visualize the results in public space, and to initiate a broad educational process, transforming the role of public libraries.

On the occasion of the  Yale World Fellowship of Salvatore Iaconesi and Oriana Persico, HER have begun a partnership with the city of  New Haven, through an active participation of the City of New Haven Administration, Yale Universitythe Grove, and other organizations in the citizen area. The project purpose was to explore the future of smart cities and smart communities, within the framework of current radical transformations caused by ubiquitous  technologies.

A specific Human Ecosystems is geared towards gathering the emotional expressions of citizens who express themselves on the major social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) regarding the greatest interests of the city (traffic and mobility, security, education, decorum, social cohesion, work , environment and pollution) and understanding the flows and exchanges of information and knowledge in the city.

The resulted data has been used for different reasons

Human Ecosystems Open Data in New Haven

Open Data

An open data source able to support administrations and citizens to understand the city situation, and to help them to plan interventions, participative actions and events.

Human Ecosystems Open Data in New Haven


A training process that involve citizens, university students, researchers, innovators, artistes, creative people inside the city, in order to learn how to use data to create, plan and design services and applications, organize.

Human Ecosystems Open Data in New Haven


An exposition sets in the  New Haven City Hall, with the participation of media and citizens, to show the research results, enhance the awareness of the City and to inaugurate the partnership with administration and the city.

Human Ecosystems Open Data in New Haven


Rethinking the role of Public Libraries, which also become a place for the preservation of city data and for their use in an inclusive, accessible and open way, together with tutors, educational programs and support for development of city projects.