A new peer reviewed publication is out which documents our research on what we’re calling Community AI, starting from our first experiences in 2006 with Angel_F, and arriving to the IAQOS project in Torpignattara/Rome.

This is an important step, as for the first time the concepts of Queer Data and Queer AI are introduced in this context, hopefully opening up new dialogues and opportunities for collaboration.

We feel that this is an important step towards contrasting the cultural hegemony about what Data and AI can be in our societies, and in proposing viable, accessible, inclusive alternatives.

We invite researchers, activists, social entrepreneurs and groups of citizens to get in touch with us (the paper includes our email addresses) for further information and to start collaboration.

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S. Iaconesi, O. Persico (2021) When my child is AI. Learning and experiencing through AI outside the school: the experiences of a community AI. QTimes Journal of Education, Anno XIII, Numero 1. ISSN 2038-3282